8 Day Angelito Yacht Cruise A- Ideal

8 Days


Angelito is a motor yacht with a great reputation relating to its excellent guest service and operation. It was refurbished in 2013. With a 10 knots speed and a capacity of 16 passengers, 7 crew members, and 1 naturalist guide. This Yacht can be your next home to explore the Galapagos Islands!

Tour Overview

Angelito is a motor yacht with a great reputation relating to its excellent guest service and operation. It was refurbished in 2013. With a 10 knots speed and a capacity of 16 passengers, 7 crew members, and 1 naturalist guide. This Yacht can be your next home to explore the Galapagos Islands!

Offering different-length tours that are captivating, Angelito Yacht takes you to amazing spots to enjoy the Enchanted Islands, having time to relax, observe wildlife, write notes, paint, or take lots of pictures.

Each day has a morning activity and an after-lunch activity along with a certified naturalist guide. Whether it is hiking, walking over lava fields, or along beaches, you will always be surrounded by unique sceneries and wildlife.

*Check availability with us before booking.

Itinerary - 8 Days

You will arrive at the Baltra Airport where an organized transfer to Puerto Ayora will be waiting for you. After settling in your cabin and having lunch on board, you are ready to start the cruise's first visit!

PM-North Seymour: A beautiful place to start our tour, located in the north of Baltra with the typical vegetation of the Arid Zone. We will have a dry landing to a small peer which sometimes is a bit tricky due to the waves. A dry landing means you will go from the Yacht to the zodiac and onto the island while staying completely dry.

The trail goes from a small peer to the rocky coast and is full of surprises: sea lions, swallow-tailed gulls, sally lightfoot crabs, and marine iguanas. Then we will walk across the nesting area of blue-footed boobies and frigate birds.

After admiring North Seymour at its fullest we go back to the Angelito yacht to have dinner and a good night's sleep!


AM-Chinese Hat: We will start the day with a delicious early breakfast on board. Afterward, we will land at Chinese Hat island which is just around the corner from Santiago island. The shape of this volcanic island looks like a Chinese hat, therefore the scenery is very charming.

The wet landing will take place on a small, white coral beach with lots of sea lions. (Wet landing means you will get the lower part of your body wet while exiting the zodiac).

The smooth and short trail leads along the coast with very fragile lava. There are a lot of small lava tubes and tiny but very attractive vegetation.

On this island, we have the first snorkeling activity of the week! Highly recommendable, even if you have never done it before!

PM-Bartholomew Island: After having lunch on board, we will have a dry landing on Bartholomew island where you will get a spectacular view from the top of the island and the opportunity to snorkel around the pinnacle rock. In the late afternoon, we will take a dinghy ride to look out for Galapagos penguins. They live and nest in the lava tubes.


AM - Genovesa, Darwin Bay: After having breakfast, we will wet land at Genovesa Island. The trail follows the shore vegetation of red mangroves, saltbush, and the unique prickly pear cactus. Swallow-tailed gulls, red-footed boobies, Nazca Boobies, and magnificent frigate birds use to nest here.

The trail leads along small tidepools up to the cliff with a spectacular view over the caldera. There are thousands of Galapagos fiddler crabs in the sandy ground. Finally, you will get the chance to do a snorkeling activity here.

PM - Prince Phillip's Step: After lunch on board, we will dry land at Prince Phillips's Steps where you will have the opportunity to climb the steep balsamic cliff.

Then, the trail takes us to a small nesting colony of masked boobies and crosses a low and dense forest of palo santo trees where red-footed boobies have their nests. Arriving at the edge of the island, thousands of small petrels fly around! These little birds have their nests in the fragile lava crevices and tubes. They are the short-eared owl's favorite food, so we should keep our eyes open to spot the hunter, though it is not easy because of their camouflage!

We end the day tour with a panga ride at the cliff's foot, then dinner on board and rest.


AM- Egas Port, Santiago Island: After breakfast on board, we will wet land on a black beach at Egas Port, an amazing place to find unique fauna such as lava herons, Galapagos sea lions, sally lightfoot crabs, and marine iguanas. In the end, we will visit the Fur Seal Grotto, where fur seals live inside caves of the rocky lava coast. Back to the yacht for lunch.

PM- Rabida: Our next activity takes place at Rabida island, characterized by its red sand beach, silvery Palo Santo trees, and saltbush vegetation. Here we will look at one of the biggest Galapagos sea lion colonies and depending on the season flamingos and white-cheeked pintail ducks. Finally, a snorkeling activity is available here. Back to the yacht to have dinner and rest!


AM- Santa Cruz Island, Puerto Ayora, and Charles Darwin Research Station: Puerto Ayora is a small charming town, the largest in the Galapagos, and the head of tourism. There are several hotels, bars, restaurants, banks, small shops, and a hospital. The Galapagos National Park's offices and the Charles Darwin Research Station are also located in Puerto Ayora.

After having breakfast on board we will visit the Charles Darwin Station to learn about scientific efforts to protect the National Park, especially giant tortoises programs. The vegetation on the way to the Station and back is exuberant green, and Darwin's finches are easy to spot. Afterward, you will have some free time to visit Puerto Ayora and we will meet again at 11:30 am at the harbor to have lunch on board.

PM-Santa Cruz Highlands: The drive up to the highlands takes approximately half an hour. Throughout this short drive, you will be able to observe the changes between the different vegetation zones, from the Arid zone to the Transition zone, and up to the Scalesia zone, which is also agricultural. Here, the introduction of animals and plants is pretty noticeable. On the highest point of the road, the National Park area starts again.

In the highlands, we will visit the Rancho Primicias to enjoy the Galapagos tortoises that live there in the wild; they are easy to spot there because they are usually refreshing in the water pools or taking a snore in the shadow.

Then, we will head back to the Angelito yacht to have a good night's sleep!


After an early breakfast, we will visit Española Island. Española belongs to the oldest islands of the Galapagos. Because of its geographic isolation, many endemic species can be found here. Additionally, Española is the only place worldwide where the endemic waved albatrosses come to breed from April to December.

Gardner Beach: We have a wet landing on a splendid, long, white coral sand beach. Here, you won't need shoes as there is no trail. You will have the opportunity to observe finches and mockingbirds in the saltbush vegetation, as well as Galapagos sea lions.

It is an excellent place for swimming and snorkeling!

Suarez Point: After lunch on board, we will go to Punta Suarez. This activity consists of a rocky trail where you will see Española marine iguanas, mockingbirds, lava lizards, and Galapagos Sea Lions. This trail leads us to the nesting colonies of blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, and albatrosses. Return to the cruise and dinner.

Our next stop is at the blowhole: the waves push the seawater through a cliff fissure, depending on the strength and tide level, it can reach up to 80 feet/24m high in the air!

Then, we will return to the Yacht to have dinner and rest.


AM - Santa Fe: After an early breakfast, we will land at Santa Fe Island, home to a large sea lion colony. The trail takes us through the Arid zone of dry vegetation and to a beautiful cliff with prickly pear cactuses where you will be able to see Santa Fe's endemic land iguanas! Finally, there is a snorkeling activity to finish the morning tour.

PM - South Plaza: After lunch on board, we will land at South Plaza Island where we will get the chance to spot another sea lion colony as well as a land iguana colony.

After this activity, we will head back to the Yacht to have dinner and rest.


AM- Black turtle cove and Baltra: On the last day, before having breakfast, we will enjoy a panga ride to the protected mangrove cove. Once we arrive we will turn off the panga's engine in order to observe marine turtles. They can be seen throughout the entire year, especially during their mating and nesting season which goes from December to February! We will also see golden rays, spotted eagle rays, white-tipped reef sharks, and Galapagos Sharks.

Finally, we will have breakfast on board, say goodbye to the staff, disembark, and take a bus ride to the airport.



Adult double cabin


Deposit: $1,400

Adults sharing a cabin with their travel partner or a designated same-gender traveler.




Deposit: $1,100

Children under 12 years old

Adult Single Cabin


Deposit: $2,000

Adult traveling alone who prefers not to share a cabin with a designated same-gender traveler.



  • Accommodation on board in double cabins
  • All meals included on board (menu type)
  • Unlimited water, coffee, and tea
  • All island visits listed in the itinerary with a bilingual naturalist guide
  • Snorkel gear (fin sizes 35-45)
  • Biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and soap; Beach and bathroom towels; Hairdryer and water bottle included
  • Airport Transportation
  • "Lobito" bus ticket from Baltra airport to Angelito Yacht on arriving day and bus ride back from Angelito Yacht to Baltra airport on departure day


  • Airplane ticket from Guayaquil/Quito to Galapagos and back not included
  • Galapagos National Park fee: $100 per person; Galapagos transit control card: $20 per person
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are not included. Corkage service: $10 per bottle.
  • Wetsuits are not included. However, they are available for rent: $25pp per week or $5pp per day. Must be paid in cash.
  • Personal expenses and tips are not included
  • Any additional expenses related to Covid restrictions such as PCRs are not included
  • Travel insurance is recommended
From $4,295.00
/ 2 or 3 adults
From $3,436.00
/ Children
From $6,442.00
/ Single Traveler

Trip Facts

  • 8 Days
  • Baltra and North Seymour, Chinese Hat and Bartholomew Island, Genovesa, Darwin Bay and Prince Phillip's Steps, Santiago Island, Egas Port and Rabida, Darwin Station and Santa Cruz Highlands, Española Island, Gardner Beach and Suarez Point, Santa Fe and South PlazaBlack Turtle Cove and Baltra
  • Yes

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