Galapagos Wildlife Month by Month


July 25th, 2022 – Axel Baquerizo

The Unique and Exotic Wildlife of Galapagos

The wildlife of the Galapagos has evolved in distinctive and interesting ways as a result of being cut off from the mainland for thousands of years, and it continues to amaze visitors today, just as it did Charles Darwin in 1835.

Among its most fascinating species are giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, playful sea lions, Sally Lightfoot crabs, and legendary Darwin’s finches.

When is the best season to visit the Galapagos Islands? This is one of the most frequent queries from tourists seeking a natural getaway.

The sighting of the different species and their behavior in the Galapagos Islands varies according to the seasons. Also, peaks occur throughout the year. 

Because of the archipelago’s tropical location and unique oceanic circumstances, animals and mating behavior are more strongly linked to ocean productivity than to seasons. Year-round occupants include the Galapagos penguin, blue-footed booby, marine and land iguanas, giant tortoise, flightless cormorant, Galapagos hawk, and sea lions.


Be aware that the majority of the species are visible all year long before reading the Galapagos wildlife calendar. All throughout the year, birdwatchers can expect to see both great and beautiful frigate birds, flightless cormorants, Galapagos doves, greater flamingos, as well as Nazca, red-footed, masked, and blue-footed boobies.

While sea lions and fur seals can be seen lazing on the seashore and tropical fish, sharks, rays, and sea turtles can be seen just below the water’s surface, lava lizards, giant tortoises, and both land and marine iguanas are year-round land animals.

Except for the albatross, which are absent from January to March, other Galapagos seabirds can be seen all year. You can see courting activity or hatchlings in nests at any time of year because birds breed at different periods. 

Throughout the year, a variety of whale and dolphin species, including orca, pilot, sperm, humpback, and other whale species, visit the Galapagos Islands, ranging in size from the tiniest common and bottlenose dolphins to the largest blue whales. 



PRICES: There isn’t truly a low or high season in the Galapagos; prices vary according to your interests. However, there can be seasonal price variations for some hotels and cruises. Nevertheless, Smart Galapagos Europe and its staff of Ecuador & Galapagos specialists will continuously search for the cheapest price in any boat- or hotel-based trip category.

NEVER CROWDED: Because the Galapagos Islands are a protected national park, there are very tight rules about how many visitors are allowed and when they can visit each visitor site. These rules not only prevent the animals from becoming over stressed but also give visitors a more relaxing and intimate experience.

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